Star’s Only Regret Is That He Can’t Fight Saddam


At the Los Angeles premiere of his latest film, "Hell Can Wait," studly star Kit Burkins told the press that he would gladly take aim at Saddam, if only he weren't committed to studio projects into 2004.

"I would give anything to join those guys in the desert," the actor said, shaking his head forlornly as the flashbulbs popped up and down the red carpet. "But I'm contractually locked into pictures for the rest of the year."

"Hell Can Wait" is set during the Vietnam War. Burkins plays Sergeant Dirk Harcourt, the only survivor of an ambush on his platoon. Though severely wounded, he pursues the Vietcong into the steamy jungle to exact his revenge rather than seek medical treatment that could save his life.

"It's that kind of heroism, that kind of bravery, that's going to bring down Saddam Hussein and rescue the Iraqi people," Burkins added. "I only wish I could put on the uniform again and fight beside them."

Though Burkins has never served in the military, "Hell Can Wait," is his fourth starring role as a soldier. The leading man in such nine-figure mega-successes as the Western "Ride Like the Lightning" and "Galactic Voyager," Burkins is no stranger to action. The actor told the Herald that he did all his own stunts for this latest film.

Burkins said he would face multimillion-dollar breach-of-contract lawsuits if he enlisted. He said he would be willing to do a USO tour if asked. "Hell Can Wait" opens nationwide next week, showing on 3,500 screens.