Pol Says Bring WWII Soldiers Home

imageWASHINGTON—A Florida Congresswoman says it's time to bring the troops home: From their graves in traitorous France. Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite (R., Fl.) introduced a bill yesterday that would allow the families of World War II servicemen to move their loved ones, who were buried in French soil, home to the United States.

The bill "The American Heroes Repatriation Act of 2003," allows for "the removal of the remains of any person interred in an American Battle Monuments Commission cemetery located in France or Belgium."

Americans are irate with the French government over its intransigence on Iraq. Congress has banned French fries from their cafeteria, which have been rechristened as "freedom fries." Patriotic restauranteurs are boycotting Perrier and French wine.

The fact that a country rescued by the United States in World War I and World War II from German occupiers refuses to stand with America in the liberation of the people of Iraq is particularly galling for many Americans.

"Literally millions of dollars are collected each year by the French government and French businesses from patriotic Americans visiting their loved ones, who gave their all in defense of France during World War II," says Waite, a member of the House Veterans Committee. "What do those thousands and thousands of white crosses mean to them? Without those men, France could well be speaking German today."

If the bill passes both houses of Congress and is signed by President Bush, the Defense Department would pay to help families disinter their loved ones and bring them back to America for a proper reburial.

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