No-Go Pills for the Weary War-Watchers


A good night's sleep can be tough to get under the best of circumstances. But with a war going on, it's become downright impossible for some.

"It seems like you can't get away from CNN," says Brooke Barrymore, an Upper West side denizen. "We can't go to dinner with our dear friends without someone talking about the war. It's distressing."

While pilots and tankers take "go pills" to stay awake during days of fighting, those watching the war unfold on television might be forgiven for finding a little something to help ease their way into slumber. Many, like Mrs. Barrymore, have turned to "no-go" pills like Ambien.

Unlike other sleep aids, Ambien appears to have no side effects, can be safely taken along with other medications and people who've used the drug say they don't wake up with a "sleep hangover" that's often present with other prescription drugs.

"My doctor even gave me a few extra pills to put in the emergency kit I assembled after Sept. 11," says Sally Bradley, a Washington hostess. "I tucked a bottle of Ambien in there with our gas masks, freeze-dried lasagna and duct tape. When the terrorists attack again, at least I'll get a decent night's sleep."

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